Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago, Milwaukee, and Thereabouts

Running back toward the Lake Front Path. This was the second of two pain free runs!

Chicago is one of the more running-friendly cities I've visited. In addition to the glorious Lake Front Path, which offers mile after mile of automobile-free space to run, walk, or bike, the city really seems to throw its support behind the Chicago Marathon, signs and banners for which were everywhere during our visit (which took place about 3 weeks before the race). 

The Millenium Park bean. The next time we visit Chicago, we may not visit as many tourist-specific places, but this was my first time there and I (as did my wife) wanted to see the Bean.


Regional beer flight at Mity Nice, Water Tower Place. From left to right: Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald porter (a Cleveland beer, actually), Goose Island Green Line pale ale, Metropolitan Brewing Krankshaft Kolsch.

Eliot Ness Vienna Lager (Great Lakes Brewing), enjoyed with pizza at Lou Malnati's. This was one of my favorite beers of the week--another from the Cleveland brewery. Cleveland = Beer Mecca? I love learning new things! 

Hangin' with the Fonz on the Milwaukee Riverwalk. Both Cindy and I were surprised/impressed at how liveable Milwaukee seemed to be.

The original giant mug into which a designated diver slid every time the Brewers hit a home run at their old stadium. Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee now boasts the mug, which we saw on our brewery tour.

The Beer Trifecta!
Beer cheddar soup, beer-battered cheese curds, and the local pale ale at a brewpub, southern Wisconsin.

"How does it feel?"
Thrift store, southern Wisconsin, where thrift stores lack the must and funk I usually associate with them.


pucknation said...

Beer cheddar soup? Best soup ever. True story.

David T said...

That was my first taste of it, and it was lovely. I also had it tonight as a course in a beer dinner at a local establishment--also lovely, perhaps even tastier than the Wisconsin batch.