Friday, February 04, 2011


I finally picked up my Joe's Beer Nutz beers for January: Alpha Dog Imperial IPA and The Dogfather Imperial Stout, both from Laughing Dog Brewery in Ponderay, Idaho. As I usually do when retrieving my beer club haul, I browsed the big beer section before picking up my pre-purchased brews; continuing the canine theme, I ended up deciding on a bottle of Flying Dog's Double Dog Double IPA.

Having not tried any of these three beers before (and, being dog-tired, not planning to try them tonight), I can't comment yet on the beers themselves. I can't help, though, think that each of these three bottles represents a member of my household:

Alpha Dog

The Dogfather

Double Dog

(I suppose, though, that the names and images could be juxtaposed here or there.)


discourse said...

We had the Imperial Stout a few nights ago, and it was pretty good.

David T said...

Glad y'all liked it, and good to know. It seems like it might be a nice cold-weather beer.

j.f.w said...

love your writing, gotta hang out soon.

David T said...

Thanks, dude. Email me sometime soon about getting together.

Hope your head's feeling better.

David T said...

By the way, the Alpha Dog is really good...not my new favorite IPA or anything, but worthy and possibly worth a second purchase.