Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Everyday Busted Stuff Crashing Under the Table

They appear year after year, consistent and more than competent, although it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the latest from the previous. They're definitely not my favorite, and they usually aren't my go-to, but they generally are enjoyable when I do pop one open.

And despite all of those disclaimers, they almost always leave me feeling like I'm a little bit high.

Dave Matthews Band CDs.

And/or Saranac beers.

I first tried Saranac brews at last spring's Wild World of Wine and Beer at the Memphis Zoo, enjoying several varieties, especially the Black Forest Ale. I picked up the Saranac "Trail Mix" variety pack soon thereafter, and while that mix was pretty enjoyable, it suffered from a samey-ness (for example, I can't recall how the "Pale Ale" and the "India Pale Ale" actually differed or which one I liked better). I was therefore a little slow to pull the trigger on the "12 Beers of Winter" mixer; but then Schnucks had a sale and I decided, eh, what the heck.

I have yet to try all 6 beers (2 each of 6 = 12). Two that I have tasted--the Big Moose Ale and the India Copper Ale--were both pleasant, the latter especially so. Both fall somewhere under the broad "pale ale" umbrella and have a pleasant, if not overpowering hop aroma and flavor. A third, the Rye IPA, was not so enjoyable to me (honestly, it tasted more like a Budweiser than anything else, and in hindsight I think I would've preferred the Budweiser), so I'm slightly apprehensive though mostly optimistic about the final three: Lake Effect Lager, Bohemian Pilsner, and Vanilla Stout; I'm especially intrigued by the Vanilla Stout, since I tend to prefer sweeter to drier stouts. If that one doesn't wet my whistle, though, it looks like I'll have literally dozens of other variations on the Saranac theme to choose from sooner or later.


David T said...

Update: The Vanilla Stout was really pretty tasty--a sweet aftertaste, with a hint (read: not a wallop) of vanilla. The Bohemian Pilsener was more pedestrian to my taste, though that response may be due to my not being "into" pilseners during this bout of cool, wet weather.

pucknation said...

The DMB is the real deal. Bartender is one of the most profound and epic anthems ever penned. True story.

David T said...
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David T said...

Great tune.

Ironically (or coincidentally), I've come 'round to thinking the same thing about the Saranac mixer...the "Lake Effect Lager" is one of my new favorite brews.

Unfortunately, in my desire to make a clever juxtaposition, I shortchanged both band and beer in a cheap sort of way. Thanks for making it through a piece of writing I'm not quite proud of.

PS: Break a leg in your upcoming races!