Thursday, November 21, 2019

I Prefer

I prefer albums to singles

I prefer listening to old favorite albums to searching for new favorites

I prefer Austen to Dickens

I prefer running to cycling

I prefer a knowing smile to a stream of flowery words

I prefer public transport to cars

I prefer walking to driving

I prefer maps to step-by-step written directions

I prefer inside jokes with my wife

I prefer rooting for sports teams with my brother

I prefer in-person conversations to telephone conversations

I prefer not needing to set an alarm clock

I prefer listening to the Beatles when I’m melancholy

I prefer John to Paul

I prefer John-plus-Paul to either John or Paul

I prefer forests to beaches

I prefer real Coca-Cola to non-Coke colas

I prefer blending in

I prefer drumming to singing

I prefer finishing to starting to write a new song

I prefer not unearthing old romantic relationships

I prefer libraries to bookstores

I prefer my candor and friendliness after a couple of beers

I prefer constraints, borders, and outlines

I prefer pushing the limits of constraints, borders, and outlines

I prefer sincere doubt to unexamined faith

I prefer rainy autumn days to sunny summer days

I prefer order to chaos

I prefer chaos sometimes

(h/t Susan, Erin, Elizabeth, and Thea)

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