Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Perils of Stubbornness

So the Achilles tendon straps arrived Saturday. Because I was a dunderhead and--in a fit of impatience--ran way too far the day before they arrived, I was a little too sore to give them a proper go till Sunday.

The verdict?

Still out. I still feel some soreness when running, though not too much. The straps are, however, a bit clunky and tight; trying them on reminded me of the first time I tried on ice skates when I was 9. I’m planning a short indoor run after work today and will see how they feel then.

I knew I would have a hard time keeping the running fast. I'm pretty sure pride, ego, and vanity are all jumbled together with the "good" reasons I like to run...but I'm not going to rule out plain ol' stubbornness either.

Running log:
Friday: 6 painful (and sweaty) miles outside (OK, 2 relatively pain free miles, 2 fairly uncomfortable miles, and 2 really, really painful miles…I can still hear “You Big Dummy,” Fred Sanford-style, ringing in my ears)
Sunday: 2.55 (less painful but still really sweaty) miles outside

Beer log:
Friday: Fat Tire at Soul Fish and Schlafly Kolsch later at home
Saturday: Ghost River Brewery tour! I sampled the Golden, Hefeweizen, Red (twice), Pale Ale, and Brown Ale; I later had a McSorley’s Black Ale at home. Ghost River rocks.
Sunday: More Schlafly Kolsch while practicing music with my cousin (who is now a Schlafly fan himself) for our show next Saturday
Monday: I wasn’t planning to have a beer, but I shared a Bud Light with my good friend Bryan Hayes during practice for HIS set Saturday

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