Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday Musings on Running and Beer

  • Today marks my 7th consecutive non-running day. The achilles tendons are still a little tender to the touch, but all other pain is gone. The achilles tendon support straps I ordered should arrive this week. The temptation will be to put them on and then run as if I haven't been hurting. I'll need to resist that temptation and take it easy; that's easier said than done.
  • My wife can now run 28 minutes without walking. Methinks her long-desired 5k may be a possibility this fall. Go Cindy!
  • Deep water pool running is as easy or hard as you make it. Don't think you can sweat while up to your neck in a swimming pool? Think again.
  • Said pool running is even more difficult when you try to do it during peak pool usage hours. I tried to carve out about an 8' x 5' nook for myself, but even those tiny borders were trespassed. 
  • Upland Brewing Co. in Bloomington, Indiana, makes some mighty tasty beers. Thanks to our good friend Ashley, I now know that first-hand.
  • The folks who make Red Stripe also make a stout--Dragon Stout. It's delicious, mon.
  • I'm planning to return to Ghost River Brewery for a tour this Saturday. Anyone interested in going who has not yet heard from me should contact me by noon Thursday so I can give a head count to the brewery.
  • Initial reviews of Sierra Nevada's Tumber Autumn Brown Ale are not as favorable as I'd hoped. I'm still planning to give it a go, but I may wait a bit.
  • Replacing a home AC and a full set of tires and having a smorgasbord of other auto ailments repaired--not to mention the crazy heat and humidity--have pushed back the Great Homebrewing Experiment of 2010. Mid-September is looking realistic now.
  • If one attends an Antiochian Orthodox parish, can one observe the Slavic fasting discipline as relates to beer? I'd like to think so, but I may be deluding myself here. Forgive me.


discourse said...

Wine and oil on the weekends!

After some personal examination, I decided the Slavic tradition is only something I would ascribe to out of...desire of the flesh, greed for my wants and needs, or something like that. I also think it's probably possible to observe the Slavic tradition without negative spiritual effect.

I wonder if the Slavic tradition resulted at all out of issues with unsafe drinking water.

David T said...

Ditto on the, ahem, "motivation" for following the Slavic tradition. As is the case with so much, it (not the Slavic tradition per se but fasting in general) is probably something I should continue discussing with our priests (they're always open even to my most ignorant questions, thank God).

I tried to Google the history of the origins of the "beer exception," but a quick search was unfruitful. Your hypothesis seems very plausible, though...and in a city like ours that is renowned for its drinking water, it's probably hard to argue the beer exception for health reasons. Even Guinness.