Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Out: Star Wars Cheer Gear

In: Root Like a Pirate!

I now know why Cindy braves the crowds and weather every year to watch the St. Jude marathon. Sure, I ran in it the last two years, but my brief run-by (or, in 2008, walk-by) doesn't explain the long stretches of time she stands, waves, holds signs, and cheers runners of all ages, sizes, and speeds. Having run and exhausted myself in such races, I can't begin to describe how much I appreciate any little thing that makes me smile along the route, be it a goofy costume, a bad joke on a sign, live music, or simply a hearty "Way to Go!"

Those little things can bring a big boost, and I was thrilled to work with Cindy to help provide that same lift to others at this past Saturday's race.

Way to go, runners!

ps: The "Go, J, Go!" sign refers to little Josiah--you can read his story here.


Drew said...

Equally awesome.

David T said...

Thanks! When the Dollar Tree had pirate rather than Star Wars gear, the decision was made for us.

Drew said...

You didn't need to buy the Star Wars gear;
They weren't the droids you were looking for!

David T said...

I wasn't sold on the Staw Wars costume idea from the start...I had a bad feeling about it...

Drew said...

Haha...you inspired me to watch the first Star Wars the other night. Man, there are some parts of that movie that really do not make any sense!