Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Damn Fool Idealistic Crusade

Cindy and I plan to cheer on the runners in this Saturday's St. Jude Marathon and Half Marathon. Cindy supported me the last two years, and since I'm not racing this year, we decided to pool our collective rooting resources.

Cindy has had fun making signs to hold during the race. Last year, she surprised me with this sign, a less-than-subtle reference to our favorite music video:

Given my older nephew's burgeoning love for all things Star Wars (we're planning to buy him a blue lightsaber for Christmas this year), I thought it'd be fun to riff on that theme for this year's signage. Here are a couple of my ideas so far:

Cindy did say, moreover, that she might be willing to wear her hair in the traditional Organa honeybun style, so we may very well go with something like these ideas. We'll see.


Drew said...

Those are some great posters!

Drew said...

Love the Star Wars line in the title, BTW. LOL