Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm stretching things to try to tie my favorite Three Amigos character to my day, but here goes:

Jefe means "boss" in Spanish, though until just a couple of years ago, I assumed Jefe was the character's given name.

Conversely, my last name, Twombly, is derived from an older (Middle?) English noun meaning "valley between two hills" (or else "house between two hills"...we narrowed it down to the "between two hills" bit); a good friend of mine, however, thinks Twombly is actually adjectival and defines it as "that state one enters after maybe two beers...not drunk, but 'just a little Twombly.'"

By his definition, I'm currently "just a little Twombly" as I type this, because of the two hefeweizens I had this evening.

Relevance to me: I am my name.

Relevance to beer: Beer makes me more myself, apparently.

Relevance to running: Friends don't let friends run Twombly.

Running log for today: (1) In His Steps 5k this morning - 20:21. REALLY good time for me...though it may not "count" since the course officials directed some of us counter-clockwise rather than clockwise around the main loop of the race; the distance was the same either way, but, technically, we ran the course backward (see note about not running while Twombly). First run in new shoes (Mizuno Wave Ronin 2's - like running barefoot, except with better traction). (2) 5 miles on the paved Wolf River trail; it was really windy out, but sunny and warm. Very nice!

Beer log for today: Again two hefeweizens: (1) Yazoo Hefeweizen, which was light and fruity and had an almost champagne-like effervescence. I tend to prefer slightly weightier hefes, but the Yazoo was quite refreshing - probably a good session choice. (2) Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, which was a bit heftier and cloudier (more my style for this type of ale).

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