Monday, March 29, 2010

Pales in Comparison

One might think that the title of this post refers to a second comparison of pale ales; one would be correct, but that's only part of the story: I played basketball with my oldest friend (er, friend I've had the longest), Donnie, this afternoon at the Mason YMCA. We've always considered ourselves better than average ball players, at least for a couple of non-jumping white dudes; our playing today, while not anything anyone else would want to watch (including my wife, who watched for a few seconds before turning her attention elsewhere), reminded me how much fun it is to play on the same team as someone who knows your tendencies and vice versa...we make a pretty good team.

Relevance to me: Donnie has stories he could tell about me that...well, I'll stick to basketball.

Relevance to beer: I think we may have had a beer together at some point. Maybe two.

Relevance to running: We've played hundreds of hours of basketball together and used to ride bicycles fairly often, but we've probably run together only a handful of times.

Running log for today: After a rest day yesterday, and after playing basketball in the early afternoon, I ran 2.8 miles to the Nuber Y, worked out there, and then ran the 2.8 miles back home for a total of 5.6 miles

Beer log for today: None today, but two pale ales yesterday: (1) Harpoon IPA and (2) Flying Dog Doggy Style Pale Ale. Both were "nice," but neither provided the punch in the mouth that Sierra Nevada gives or the subtle heaviness that White Hawk delivers (per my 3/25/10 entry).


myratness said...

Pales...pales...pales...where to begin?

Harpoon is nice, I first discovered it at Legal Seafood in Cambridge, MA.

Try Sweetwater 420 (nice name, I know...4:20) but a pretty good one out of Atlanta.

The Bosco's Hop God is righteous, as well, as you know.

Deschutes Mirror Pond out of Oregon. Rogue Dead Guy....

Anything by Dogfish Head makes the cut.

My single favorite of all time is Hazed and Infused by Boulder Beer Co.

But probably the grandaddy of them all is Stone Ruination. It's off the IBU meter. Above 100.

David T said...

Thanks for the comment, and for the suggestions--much appreciated! Pales are great any time of year, but I'm especially eager to try new ones now that the warm weather has arrived.