Thursday, March 25, 2010

Within the Pale

I picked up a growler of Ghost River Glacial Pale Ale for a buddy's birthday. I hope he enjoys it--Happy Birthday and Many Years, Jim!

Relevance to me: (1) I bought it. (2) If I could do it all over, I'd probably like to get a job working at the Boscos/Ghost River brewery. (For an extraordinarily articulate write-up of the brewery tours that Ghost River offers, go here.)

Relevance to beer: Yup.

Relevance to running: (1) At last Saturday's Grand Opening event, Breakaway Running (now on Germantown Parkway at the Wolf River) served Ghost River Glacial Pale Ale. (2) The other Breakaway location (Union Ave. in Midtown) offers free Ghost River beer to everyone participating in their Thursday evening group run.

I love the Breakaway folks.

Running log for today: "Speed" training at the Y during my lunch hour...0.5 mile warmup then 3.1 miles at just under 7:00 minutes/mile. I showered, but I was still a hot (and sweaty) mess when I returned to the office.

Beer log for today: An evening for pale ales: (1) Sierra Nevada (very tasty with fish--happy Feast Day!) and then (2) White Hawk IPA. I picked up a bottle of the latter from the "beer cage" at Southwestern Distributors off Appling in Bartlett...$1 per bottle for anything that happens to be in stock. The beer itself? Nice bite--and stronger than it tastes...I might even prefer it to Sierra Nevada, but it's hard to say (despite sharing a style, these two pale ales differ fairly strongly from each other). Regardless, a full six-pack may be in order soon.

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