Friday, April 09, 2010

Czech, please

Christ is Risen! Christos Anesti!

I have indeed run and have indeed quaffed a few pints since my last post, but blogging has not been my priority the last few days, as I celebrate Pascha (starting late last Saturday night) and also said goodbye (for now) to the sister of a very dear friend of mine (Memory Eternal, Esther!).

Last night after dinner, though, I did drink a bottle of Shiner 101 Czech-Style Pilsner, the 101st Anniversary brew from the Spoetzl Brewery. I've slowly been making the transition from heavier ales (my usual favorites) to lighter beers as the temps climb, and Shiner 101 seems to be a nice choice for a warm spring evening--crisp, light, nicely carbonated, and tasty. Per past experience, I'm pretty sure this Shiner seasonal will be in stores only for a short spell, so I'll probably plan to grab a couple of 6-packs (further convincing my wife that I'm a beer hoarder--separate post coming soon) while they're still readily available.

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