Tuesday, April 13, 2010

V for...

Victory Whirlwind Witbier. And that's not even my favorite of the two Belgian-style wheat ales I had yesterday; that distinction goes to White Rascal, from Avery Brewing Company. Of the various wheat ales I've tried lately, that one was easily my favorite (and went well with our All-American meal of grilled hot dogs, bakes beans, and chips...I love warm spring evenings!). The Victory ale was also quite tasty, and perhaps I might've rated it even higher had I tried it first rather than the White Rascal.

Running log: 6 miles on the road Sunday, 6.1 miles on the Tour d'Wolf trail yesterday...the joints seemed to appreciate the softer surface of the latter. (Running was preceded by an epic sleeping-in, from-scratch buttermilk pancakes made by my sweet wife, and general relaxing, and it was followed by basketball with my good friend Donnie, soccer and frisbee at the park with my wife and with my brother's family, and the aforementioned dinner. Pretty much a perfect spring day.)

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