Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bicycles and the Magic Hat

I went for an evening bicycle ride downtown last night with a good friend who is also a cyclist (as opposed to someone like me who simply "rides bikes" now and again). During our ride, he described a major, several-person bike crash that occurred in a race in which he was competing last week. My friend was not involved in the wreck; his dad (who is on his racing team), however, was: he apparently flipped forward and landed directly on his head. Fortunately for him, his helmet did its job, and not only did he escape serious injury, but he was able to get back on his bike and continue the race.

Appropriately, we partook of Magic Hat #9 upon reaching Bardog, our destination of whim and choice. Lighter tasting than it truly was in alcohol content (ABV=5.1%) and with a very subtle hint of fruitiness, #9 will never be an everyday (or every week) beer for me, but it was plenty refreshing on a still-warm evening.

(And, yes, I wore my helmet for the ride to and from Bardog.)

Running log: 6 miles at Sea Isle Park, with alternating easier (>9:00) and faster (7:10 - 7:25) miles.

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