Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cold Free Beer

An old friend of mine used to quip, "Beer is good. Cold beer is better. But cold free beer is the best." Thanks to my brother, Stephen, who is the general manager of The Half Shell, my wife and I enjoyed dinner on the house; in addition to a tasty blackened catfish po-boy, that dinner included a couple of bottles of Samuel Adams Noble Pils--a crisp, hoppy (but not at all bitter) spring beer from the good folks at the Boston Beer Company. (Stephen is sufficiently forward-thinking to regularly update the beer specials offered by the restaurant--good man.)

Running log for this morning: 6.25 miles on neighborhood streets.


s-p said...

I want your brother for my brother! :) Sam Adams does nice stuff, fo sho.

David T said...

I'm usually against nepotism, but it has it's benefits sometimes!