Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oooh, baby, baby, it's a...

...Wild World of Wine and Beer, tomorrow night at the Memphis Zoo.

To ensure that I properly enjoy this event (and the fact that it's held during the time of the Pentecostarion means that I will enjoy it), I'll most likely (though by all means not definitely) forego my usual beer or two during tonight's band practice.

By the way, Southwestern Distributing (home of the Beer Cage mentioned in a previous post) will supply the beer and wine for the WWWB event.

Running log: None this morning, though the goal is to squeeze in a run between work and said band practice.

Evening Update:
I was able to run 6 miles at Sea Isle before band practice. And despite my stated goal, I did not abstain from beer at practice, but my imbibing was done in the name of scientific inquiry--namely, the comparison of Sunshine Wheat and Mothership Wit, both wheat ales from the New Belgium Brewing Co. Without getting all technical, if the Sunshine Wheat is Jeannie (as in "I Dream Of..."), then the Mothership Wit is her sassier, saucier sister.

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