Monday, June 14, 2010

INXS of my heat quotient

I couldn't help but think of this song--which, despite the, uh, "period" clothing worn in the video, was one of my favorites by this group--as I ran the Gibson Guitar 5k early Saturday evening. By the numbers:

Time (unofficial): 20:45
Songs listened to on the iPod during the race: 5.3--REM's Finest Worksong, Garbage's I'm Only Happy When it Rains, U2's Discotheque, Third Day's Believe, Dewey Starr's Old Gold Heart, and the first minute or so of Finest Worksong again.
Seconds off your goal time: 45
Did the song about rain cool you off any? The heck no. That one's not joining me for the next race; in hindsight, maybe I should've uploaded the INXS song instead.
Number of beers enjoyed at the postrace party: None, thogh I did have a tasty Sierra Nevada Summerfest after I got home.
Number of miles jogged after I cooled down and decided to see a little bit of downtown in a less hurried state: about 1.5


pucknation said...

Finest Worksong is an excellent tune. Even better when running.

David T said...

Thanks for the comment, Puck.

I'd always loved Finest Worksong, but I'd never run to it until my cousin mentioned it as his favorite running tune; it'll stay in my race rotation for sure.

By the way, I noticed Todd Snider in your list of favorite musicians; he's also one of mine. (I've found the title track from The Devil You Know to also be fantastic running song.)

pucknation said...

Todd Snider isn't only an amazing singer/songwriter, but he's also a Grade-A booze hound. I can't count the number of times I've seen his live show and stumbled away happy.

B-double e-double r-u-n, beer run!!!

David T said...

Indeed - the direct inspiration behind my blog's name!