Monday, June 07, 2010


Miles run since last update: 9 (4 Sunday, 5 today)

Beers consumed since last update:
5.2 (2 pints of Ghost River Oatmeal Stout and a bottle of New Belgium Mothership Wit Saturday; and 1 bottle of Yazoo Pale Ale, 1 glass of Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale, and a few sips of Anchor Steam (which I guess I, unlike the 1,375 reviewers at Beer Advocate, didn't like very much) yesterday

Do I feel a twinge of guilt about not liking Anchor Steam, especially with the trip to San Francisco awaiting me at the end of the month? Yeah, a little

Really? OK, not really, though I do feel bad about not finishing the beer, especially since someone else provided it

Times I've looked at my beer in the fridge longingly today, a fasting day: Too many

Weeks till I make my inaugural trip to MidSouth Malts to inquire about beer-brewing gear: Hopefully less than 4


Apophatically Speaking said...

Anchor Steam is also not my favorite, but it is worth trying their Anchor Summer, made of 50% wheat malt. Also, drinking at the Anchor Brewery makes the world a difference. If you have the time while in SF, take the tour of the Anchor Brewery, drink beer, takes pics and post a write-up (for us jealous types).

David T said...

Thanks for the tip! The Anchor Brewery is on the radar for the trip; all of their tours are booked up through July, but I'll be able to check for cancellations a day or so in advance of the tour I'd like to take. Our backup plan includes a stop at the Magnolia Pub and Brewery ( as well as a couple of other breweries (21st Amendment Brewery and Speakeasy Ales and Lagers) - are you familiar with/have you visited any of those?

Apophatically Speaking said...

If your party is small, another idea is to coop with another party, as up to 10 people can be in one party. Just a thought.

I have not been to the other breweries. There are soooo many breweries here on the Left Coast. So much beer, so little time.

If you have a chance while in No. Calif, there are some awesome meaderies as well. Now we are talking serious business. :)

David T said...

Ahh...that might have to constitute a separate trip in and of itself! (Fortunately, since both my wife and I have family in the area, we've (so far) been able to make it out there every couple of years.)