Tuesday, June 22, 2010


was a knockout. 

Beer log:
Friday: A couple of light Mexican beers at a Mexican-themed birthday party at which I played music: Tecate (not bad, especially ice cold) and Sol (not much going for it, unfortunately, even ice cold)
Saturday: Before moving to the main course of the BrewDog Paradox Isle of Arran Whisky Cask Aged Stout (above), I primed my palette with a nice Sierra Nevada Porter.
Sunday: Schlafly Kolsch (nice!) with a seafood lunch

Running log: Back to the trails!
Saturday: 6.1 exhausting miles on the Tour de Wolf, followed by 3 easier miles at the Y later in the afternoon
Monday: 6.1 less exhausting miles on the same. Turns out that if one arrives just at sunrise, one is treated to foggy valleys along the southern stretch of the trail. I actually felt a chill in a couple of spots!
Tuesday: Just like Monday (6.1 miles), fog included!

After several weeks of waiting till after work to run, I've made the move back to morning runs. I'd forgotten (even in just a few weeks) how much I enjoy starting my day with a run. In addition to practical concers (I don't have to try to squeeze in a run during busy afternoons and evenings; it's cooler in the morning), I find morning runs more meditative--I have less white noise to sort through in the mornings, and the thoughts during the run seem to come more slowly rather than in a teeming crowd.

I could make a habit of this; at least I hope so.


pucknation said...

There's utility in both running times -- morning and evening. Sometimes the sunset is all the more sweeter while running. And you can have a kobeer after an evening run. If you finish with a kobeer after a morning run, you just feel like a booze hound. Just sayin'...

David T said...

Very true: Beer in the morning, coworkers take warning.