Sunday, July 04, 2010

A (Star-Spangled) Banner Day

The photo shown above was taken at the Firecracker 5K. As usual, the Breakaway folks were there to support the runners--they even provided the shower through which I ran at about the 2-mile mark. (They also gave me the shirt.)

But the real highlight of the race was the fact that I ran it beginning to end with my brother, Stephen. In his first race in years, Stephen not only ran the entire race without a walk break but even sprinted to the finish line. Hopefully, this will be the first of many races I'll get to run with him. Way to go!

Running log: In addition to the race, the weekend included a long (12-mile) run at Stanky Creek with my running buddy Glen, with whom I trained last fall for the St. Jude Marathon. It was my first time to run at Stanky, and despite being fatigued from a full week of running, I enjoyed it very much--shadier overall than either the Tour de Wolf or the Wolf River Trails. I hope to make it back soon!

Beer log: To celebrate our finish, we eschewed the draft macros provided at the post-race party and instead treated ourselves to a fresh pint each of Boscos Isle of Skye Scottish Ale. (I also enjoyed a second pint later at home.)