Thursday, July 15, 2010

At the Cutting Edge of the Interface of Stout and Whisky. And Burnt Stinky Pork.

The second of the two BrewDog Paradox Whisky Barrel Aged stouts I received as a Joe's Beer Nutz member, Smokehead--on paper--followed the same formula used in making the Isle of Arran stout, which I really enjoyed. Raving about the latter to my brother, I brought the bottle of Smokehead to his house last weekend to share it with him. It poured a thick, opaque black, and I just knew it'd be at least as good as the Isle of Arran.


I know that some folks like the essence of smoked pork products infused into their beers, and I know that Smokehead has garnered rave reviews among beer enthusiasts, but I found it nearly undrinkable. My brother (no beer sissy) was able to stomach only a couple of sips as well before giving up on it. And my wife, who is not a beer drinker but is a cook, compared it to Kikkoman soy sauce; it's just too bad that we didn't have a stir-fry going, I guess.

No ham-beer for me. Call me a weenie. (Or don't.)

Much more enjoyable that night, though, was the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale, which we also shared. Hoppy and malty, it was a thoroughly tasty brew.


(For a spirited take on the madness of BrewDog's methods, go here.)

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