Monday, May 24, 2010

Another “draft drought"...

…though, fortunately, not a “draught drought.” For the record:

Beer log:
Tuesday (5/18): Ghost River Brown on tap at the Grove Grill (work dinner).
Wednesday: Abita Pecan Harvest Ale—light and tasty. A nice “humble” beer.
Saturday: Unibroue La Fin du Monde. A little bit of Belgium right here in North America!
Sunday: Delirium Tremens (from actual Belgium) at Café 1912 with a downsized—but plenty fun—version of our dinner group.

Running log:
Tuesday: 6 miles at Sea Isle
Thursday: 6 miles at Sea Isle
Friday: 6 miles at the Y
Saturday: 6 miles at the Y
Sunday: 1.85 miles at the Y (after StairMaster)
Today (Monday): 6 miles (including hill/incline work) at the Y (the plan was to run at Shelby Farms, but the surprise thunderstorm changed my plan)


Fortunately, this week promises to bring extra beer excitement, since (1) I picked up my first "package" as a member of the Joe's Wines and Spirits "Beer Nutz" Club (more on that soon) and (2) I have a ticket to the Zoo Brew beer tasting event to be held this Friday night.

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