Monday, May 17, 2010

No time for editorializing...

Running log
Friday: 6.25 miles on the (muddy) Tour de Wolf (extra .15 due to wrong turn)
Saturday: 6.1 miles on the (still muddy) Tour de Wolf
Today (Monday): 8.25 miles on the Chickasaw Trail

Beer log
Saturday: A pair of Saranacs--Adirondack Lager after the run and Brown Ale before bed...neither stellar, but the lager was pretty refreshing on a hot afternoon (though a little filling at 5.5% ABV).
Sunday: The previously described Sierra Nevada Torpedo Double Pale Ale at a wedding reception (Many Years, Mitch and Sandy!) and then a Chimay Premiere at Studio on the Square during One Came Home (I enjoyed the beer, and Cindy and I both enjoyed the movie).
Tonight (Monday): The devilishly good Avery White Rascal.


caitlyn said...

i got brandon a 6 pack sampler of the sarnac at superlo. it was only $6 for the 6 pack!

i think he really liked one... you should ask him which one it was.

David T said...

I'll do that. For what it's worth, I currently rate them as follows*:

Black Forest Ale>Pale Ale>India Pale Ale>Adirondack Lager>Brown Ale.

(*The Black and Tan is still in the fridge, so nothing to report there yet.)

Six bucks is a great price--I'll be buying Saranac at SuperLo next time. Thanks for the tip!

Apophatically Speaking said...

Ah commercial beers. Who needs them?

Apophatically Speaking said...

Hi David,

Thanks for taking my snooty remark in stride.

You like beer, you must brew your own!!

David T said...


Ha - no worries. (By the way, I tried to compose what I hoped would be a semi-clever reply; I posted it, but after walking the dog, I decided I didn't really like my reply and thus deleted it.)

I assume you brew your own, no? Any tips/advice for someone looking to give it a go?

I've not yet tried doing so, though I've thought about it a good deal (perhaps to the chagrin of my wife). At a beer-tasting event I attended last Friday, though, I tried some really fantastic homebrew, which made me (1) a bit squiffy and (2) start thinking about looking into brewing.

Apophatically Speaking said...

Hi David,

Once you brew your own, you will look at, and experience, beer from a completely different perspective. It is no longer something you merely consume and enjoy upon opening the bottle; it is a brew you created, something you started to enjoy from the moment you thought of creating that new batch.

Tips/advice. The most important thing to point out is that brewing beer is fun and truly very simple. Can you follow a simple recipe? Do you know how to boil water? Well, you could be drinking your own beer within 2 weeks! And get ready to keep those pesky "friends" away (sorry no beer today - LOL). To start, the best thing is to visit a local homebrew supplier and for $150 they will hook you up with all the equipment you will need. Make sure to get the homebrew bible, Charlie Papazian's "Joy of Home Brewing" written for the beginner in mind - it comes with detailed instructions, recipes and reference material.

While at the homebrew store, with the kit make sure to pick up the ingredients to make a 5 gallon batch of your favorite Ale. If you like Pale Ale, it will set you back about $25 or so. The beer will be the best you ever had.

As far as the Missus, you will need about two hours in the kitchen to create the wort (i.e. start the batch). From there you will simply let it ferment for about a week (no fuss - no mess and out of sight in a small closet or pantry). Then into the bottles and after 4 to 5 days you can put them into the fridge. My wife doesn't mind at all, I do make sure to clean up after myself.

feel free to email me at rfortuin1 at gmail com for specifics, recipes and such

David T said...

Wow! That's the sort of info that can convert potential energy into kinetic energy--many, many thanks. We do have at least one reptuable homebrew store here in town; perhaps I'll now have enough confidence to darken its door.

I'll definitely take you up on your offer for specifics--and will let you know how my visit to the store goes!

Thanks again--

Apophatically Speaking said...

Yes, get that energetic procession going. (There, we made it Orthodox!)

Midsouth Malts‎ is reportedly a reputable outfit. They are at 741 North White Station Road, Memphis, TN 38122 (901)682-1293‎ Mike Lee is the owner there. Tell him you want to start to brew and hook you up.

You like beer, you will love making your own.

Have fun and keep me posted.

Currently I have a California Pale Ale bottled, a English IPA (IPA dry hopped with Kent Goldings english hops) ready to drink this weekend, and a German Pilsner in fermentation (this will take another 4 weeks or so before that one is ready). On deck: some sort of K├Âlsch.

David T said...

Mid-South Malts--that's the place I'd heard about. It's just a few miles up the road from my house. FYI, I also ordered C. Papazian's book--I'll let you know where the adventure takes me. I'm pretty psyched, frankly--I'll no doubt proceed energetically. Maybe even synergistically (OK, that's pushing it.)

Your current and upcoming offerings sounds great. Have you had equal success brewing all types of beers? Or is there one that has become your specialty?

FYI, turns out that Mike Lee won a recent homebrewing contest here...sounds like I'll be in good hands.